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Hughes Machine Shop began its operations in 1986 by Odie Hughes, a former Machinist in the U.S. Army. The company began with a mere 200 sq/ft space, 3 manual machines, and 2 employees. Initially, the primary project was to support Underwater Research and Development projects for the U.S. Navy and the local community. Now, with over 35 years dedicated to the machining and fabrication industry, we have grown to 36,000 sq/ft of shop floor space, over 20 precision milling and turning machines, a fully equipped welding/fabrication facility, and a state of the art quality inspection department. Our dedication to quality, precision, and customer service focus has developed our customer base to include the Oil Manufacturing Industry, Chemical Processing Plants, the United States Space Program (NASA), the Commercial Space Program, and United States Defense Programs.

Welding and Fabrication
Quality Inspection
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